Ryder was born at 25 weeks and 4 days. He has overcome many obstacles in his first year. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) at 3 days old. Ryder has had two brain surgeries, two heart surgeries, a bronchoscopy, a tracheostomy, a GI tube surgery, and in February a pulmonary hypertension crisis that led to him being sedated for two months. Our little miracle has been through so much. In May, Ryder moved from AI Children’s Hospital to ECC, and I can honestly say that it has been the greatest decision we have ever made for Ryder. He is always smiling and happy. He was always lying around in the hospital unless we were holding him. He started physical therapy at the ECC and can now lift his head! He also learned how to roll over and so much more. Now he plays with toys, does tummy time, and everything else. ECC is absolutely amazing! When I walked into register Ryder, I cried tears of joy, because I knew he was going to an amazing place. I can honestly say in the little time Ryder has spent there, it’s everything I could hope for & more! It brings me so much joy & happiness to see my son get exactly what he needs being there! I cannot thank the staff at ECC enough for everything they have done for Ryder.