Global Day of Inclusion: March 2, 2022


We think the world would be better if everyone were included.


Around the world, exclusion and discrimination continue to divide people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are changing that with grassroots action for inclusion. That’s Spread the Word.

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the harmful impact of isolation and exclusion. We have become more aware of the importance of social connection for overall well-being. In 2021, our community took action for inclusion with a focus on building connections to ensure that individuals with and without intellectual disabilities can feel seen, heard, and valued.

This year, we’re encouraging you to be a teammate. Be a friend. Welcome someone who has been left out. Sit next to someone alone at lunch. Say hello to someone in the hallway. There are so many ways to spread inclusion. Choose yours. Make a pledge and start today. Join us to make inclusion a reality for all people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Make your pledge below.

How will you be a champion of change this year? How can you build a more inclusive future for your community? Who are the champions of change in your life?