Dietetic + Nutritional Care

Exceptional Care for Children’s Nutritional Services department aims to help our children grow and thrive by providing individual, customized nutrition support through formulary and supplemental nutrition as well as therapeutic diet development.

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Dietetic + Nutritional Care

Dietetic + Nutritional Care

ECC’s Registered Dietitian provides medical nutrition therapy, enteral, and parenteral nutrition support/monitoring, and dietary assessment and advancement.

Our Registered Dietitian, Food Service Team and Speech Language Pathologist collaborate for oral and dietary texture advancement in residents with dysphagia and oral aversions.

Nutritional Services


Prepared for children with a variety of dietary needs related to nutrients, textures and food allergy and intolerance.

Provide training and support of texture modified food preparation to families transitioning children to home care.


Event support for birthdays, holidays, and memorial services

ECC’s Food Service team provides complimentary nourishment to families during difficult and emotional transitions.

ECC’s full-service café provides an affordable family dining experience for both families and staff. The café serves a wide variety of made-to-order salads, sandwiches, daily specials, grilled items, and various snacks.

8AM – 7:30PM

8AM – 3:00PM