Many of you have asked what you can do to help the children and staff of Exceptional Care for Children during this ever-changing global health situation. As always, the health and happiness of our children and staff is our utmost priority and we are working hard, each day to ensure COVID-19 does not affect our facility.

Below are several ways you can help support our efforts during this critical time:

During this time, ECC remains committed to providing a haven and home for the region’s most fragile children. Our exceptional staff are doing the most to fight COVID-19 while also ensuring that our children remain focused on the simple joys of childhood. Your financial support will help elevate the strain that our organization is facing due to this crisis. As the COVID-19 situation changes on a daily basis, our needs may change.

You can make a gift using the link on our website. In the designation drop-down field, select the COVID-19 Fund or another funding need you want to support.

Below is a list of supplies we are looking for. If you have other items you are interested in donating or if you are interested in making a bulk donation, please contact Shannon Abel at

—  Masks/Facial Protection including homemade masks and the following masks in original, unopened containers: N95, level 1 procedure, level 3 surgical

—  Unopened packages of disposable, non-latex gloves

— Unopened containers of hand sanitizer (>60% alcohol concentration, unscented)

— Unopened containers of disinfectants and disinfecting wipes

— Packaged, unused protective goggles and face shields

— Unopened packages of disposable gowns

Thank you for your interest in supporting our exceptional Clinical and Facilities staff members who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19 here at ECC.

Gift Card Donations: In addition to supporting our staff, we are also interested in supporting our local small businesses by distributing restaurant gift cards to our staff.

You can support these efforts by donating $25 gift cards directly to ECC by physical drop-off or mail or by donating to our COVID-19 Fund.

Meal Donations: If you are interested in helping by donating meals to our staff, please contact Shannon Abel at We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to coordinate a donation delivery time that is in accordance with our current policies and procedures.

We are only accepting meal donations from professional catering companies and restaurants at this time. Individuals and non-catering companies are only able to donated pre-packaged, unopened food such as drinks and snacks at this time.

We are striving for contact less donation drop-offs at this time. Donations can be dropped off at the following address 24/7. Please leave your donations in the black/yellow lidded bin.

Physical Address: 11 Independence Way, Newark, DE 19713

Once you turn onto Independence Way, you will see our sign and facility driveway to the left. Turn onto our driveway and continue left until you see a building on your right with bright yellow doors. There will be a black/yellow lidded bin outside the doors for donation drop-offs. We will collect the donation when safe!

If your donations are larger than a standard-size bin, please contact Shannon Abel at prior to visiting ECC.

You can download, print and fill out this In-Kind Donation form (PDF) prior to making a physical donation. This form can be emailed to or dropped off with your donation.