Enrichment + Education

At Exceptional Care for Children, our kids – like all kids – love to play and learn. Daily exposure to enrichment and educational tools is not only necessary for development, but is also useful in reinforcing the work that is done to reach medical, therapeutic (physical, occupational, speech), and respiratory goals. Our team develops an individualized program for each child to help them reach their own goals and milestones.

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Every Child Deserves A Childhood

Despite their medical needs, we make sure our kids’ lives are filled with fun, joy and play. On site, we have a:

  • Bounce House
  • Water Slide
  • Trackless Train
  • Adapted Playground
  • Walking Trail
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Bikes, Scooters
  • Power Cars

Enrichment + Education Services


We create an environment outfitted with toys and activities that will guide the children from parallel play to shared learning, life skill development, sensory, STEM, dramatic play, and good old fashioned fun!


For those children who, because of age or development status, have not entered the school system, a pre-school like educational foundation is provided. We utilize all of the necessary tools, supplies, and building blocks to provide our residents with the best opportunities for learning.*

*Classrooms have been created at ECC for children who are in the State of Delaware’s Early Intervention program. Our onsite classrooms are operated by the Christina School District and staffed by teachers and paraprofessionals who provide a structured curriculum to meet a child’s needs.


We use a range of devices from gentle lighting to exciting visuals, soothing sounds to stimulating music, relaxing to invigorating aromatherapy and light touch/textures to explore. Snoezelen is another avenue for learning, understanding cause and effect, and creating themed environments to teach within.


Tackling many issues of daily life, anxiety, fears, hopes, dreams, and joys, we bring the outside world in for our kids. Children are able to learn how to cope and deal with their feelings, in a supportive and adaptive environment with opportunities to grow and explore.