Donate Now, Pay Later


We’ve partnered with B Generous so you can split your next gift into monthly installments.


We receive your full donation now, but you pay later over 3, 6, or 9 months. There are no fees or costs for paying later, and we receive your entire donation now so you can make an impact immediately. You will receive a tax deduction for the full amount of your gift today.

ECC receives your donation now, you pay later.

When you click on the Donate Now, Pay Later button, you pay nothing today, but ECC receives the donation now.

Immediate tax-deductible receipt.

While you pay over time, you get your full tax deduction immediately, upfront.

No impact on your credit score to apply.

B Generous’ soft credit check doesn’t ding your credit score when you apply.

Zero interest or fees.

There are no fees or interest for donors. It’s completely free for you.